What’s holding you back from booking your next family photo session?

I had the opportunity to do a family session recently with the Benn Family and had an absolute blast hanging out with them for their session.

When I had my initial consultation with Danielle we talked about the usual session planning stuff like what her family was looking to get out of their photo session, the outfits they planned to wear, and where the session would take place. But it was also a great opportunity to get to know Danielle and learn about her family.

There are two Danielle said that really stood out to me:

  1. The Benn’s were going to be attending a family celebration later in the day after our session. They were going to be celebrating the 65th Wedding Anniversary of Danielle’s grandparents. Sixty-five years is definitely a reason to celebrate!
  2. The Benn family’s last family photos were taken when their oldest, Carter, was in 3rd grade. That was nine years ago! Danielle was very excited to be getting their family photos done and I was excited to help her do that.

Both of these things got me thinking about how often do family photos get taken and the reasons we should probably get them done more frequently.

There are families that do professional photos every year. Then there are families, like mine, that haven’t had family photos done since the youngest was in kindergarten. Well that kindergartner is now 31 (almost 32!) years old and runs a photography business.  We have snapshots from family trips where a stranger offered to take the photo or someone is missing from the photo because someone had to run the camera. We also have professional photos from my wedding and my brother’s wedding. But we have no professional quality photos that show us as the laid back and far from formal family that we are, ones that show our family’s personality. We need to do something about that, right!? You’ll be happy to know that I am working with a fellow photographer to remedy the situation!

Our family talked about doing family photos a little more than 4 years ago but we got busy and never got it scheduled. A few months later the unthinkable happened. We lost my brother unexpectedly. There are a lot of things that stand out in my memory about that time in my family’s journey but there is one that is a little more vivid than the others. In the days between my brother’s passing and his funeral, I was sitting on the couch next to my dad when he said something that has stuck with me since that moment, “Now we’ll never have complete family photos.” He was right.

So here is a short list of the reasons you should get family photos done every year.

  1. Life is short. You don’t know when your last chance will be to get complete family photos. Take the opportunity when you know you have it.
  2. Do it for your future self, your kids, and your grandkids. It is so much fun to pull out old photos a reminisce about years gone by. Or to show your granddaughter how much she looks just like her mom at that age. Maybe someday your memory or a loved one’s memory will begin to fail and you’ll need the photos to look back at years gone by. If you’re lucky enough to celebrate your 65th Wedding Anniversary with your family one day, wouldn’t it be awesome to share all those years of family photos at the celebration!
  3. Document the growth of your children, grandchildren, and the whole family. Kids grow up so fast and you want to have images you can reflect on that will bring you back to the moment they were that size. Families grow too. Maybe you added to the family with the birth of a child, adoption of a child, or a wedding.
  4. Experienced photographers can help you and everyone in your photo look their best. You’re much more likely to share and display when you love the way you look in the image.
  5. Create memories. Family photo sessions can be a lot of fun and you’ll have a great reminder of the fun every time you see the photos.                   
  6. Family photos make great home and office decor.

If you’ve been thinking about getting family photos done, make the time and get them done. You won’t regret it.

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