Hi! I’m Anna Smith, the person behind A. Smith Reflections. My passion for photography began as a child; before everyone had a digital camera or cell phone camera, when disposable cameras were placed on every table at weddings, and you had wait for the film to get developed before you saw your photos. I always loved the sound of the shutter and the excitement of thumbing through your envelope of photos after you had your film developed!

http://7summitsroofing.com/pma/index.php The simplest and most accurate definition I have come across for a camera is: a mirror with a memory. For me the camera is a tool used to give you a reflection of what once was. I enjoy using my camera to create artwork that gives you a reflection of those fleeting moments you wish to treasure forever.

buy Lyrica mexico In addition to being a photographer, I am an engineer.  As an engineer I am often entrenched in the technical, rather than creative.  While the solutions to engineering problems often require creativity, photography is my true creative outlet. I have always been a creative person, enjoying drawing and creating things for as long as I can remember. Photography is a mixture of creativity and technical know-how. Blending the ability to perfectly compose an image with the technicality of lighting, focal distance, shutter speed, aperture, and so much more is an exciting process for me.

Working with clients to create portraits that reflect their personality is my goal. If you are here looking for a photographer I would love to connect with you to help you create your next reflections! Checkout my Facebook page, the Contact page, or shoot me an email to connect!